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Neighborhood Assets and Challenges

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"For there is always light if we are brave enough to see it. If only we are brave enough to be it."

~ Amanda Gorman, Inaugural poet and activist


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  • Current residents … involved, committed, invested in their families, their neighborhoods, and each another
  • Neighborhood culture and history
  • Mary Ford Early Learning and Family Center – Beginning at 3 months; Pre-Head Start, Head Start, Kindergarten, Family program 
  • Fetter Health Care Mobile Clinic for students, families, neighbors
  • Accessible public transportation – CARTA bus routes from both Azalea and Cosgrove
  • Nearby employment opportunities
  • Proximity to redevelopment of Rivers Avenue
  • Other organizations working within the community to deliver essential services
  • Support of the City of North Charleston
  • Support of elected officials
Reading To Kids


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Devout African-American man praying fervently in black-and-white portrait
  • Earning the support and involvement of neighborhood residents
  • Prime location, at risk for gentrification … many properties owned by LLCs … what will future development look like, and for whom?
  • Enormity and complexity of the mission
  • Partner and align vs compete and overlap with existing programs and services
  • Creating a strong and sustainable foundation
  • Fundraising


Bridge North Charleston

4024 Salt Pointe Parkway
North Charleston, SC. 29405
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For Hub Village & AccabEe Neighborhoods

Bridge North Charleston is a 501(C)(3)
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Neighborhood revitalization MUST begin with its current citizens…

building on existing assets, guided by their priorities, and maintaining cultural sensitivity, dignity, and respect.   Housing opportunities must remain accessible to current residents.