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BRIDGE North Charleston Preliminary Plan for Sale of Condos

⌂ Available to buyers who meet certain qualifications;

  • current residency
  • within a specific geographical area
  • limit on current income – % of AMI (tbd)

The goal is to keep total monthly housing obligation under $900/month.

Note: Variables include interest rates at the time of closing, buyer credit, etc.

⌂ Completion of financial literacy and homeownership program
⌂ Owner occupied
⌂ Grant money for downpayment and closing costs
⌂ Approx. 20% average remains lien on property for 10 years w/graduated forgiveness?
⌂ Protect buyer from tax consequences from downpayment and closing costs assistance?
⌂ Deed restrictions to guarantee it remains affordable housing with initial qualifications
⌂ Insure the benefit remains within the community
⌂ In accordance with lending and fair housing laws


$175,000 sales price
$ 35,000 down payment (20% of which is grant)
$140,000 mortgage
@ 4% interest*
$668 = monthly principal + interest
$80   = Estimate real estate taxes
$40   = Estimate insurance
$100 = Estimate condo regime
$888    Total Monthly Payment $ 888


Bridge North Charleston

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Neighborhood revitalization MUST begin with its current citizens…

building on existing assets, guided by their priorities, and maintaining cultural sensitivity, dignity, and respect.   Housing opportunities must remain accessible to current residents.