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Our Purpose

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“Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person."


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The underlying root causes of intergenerational poverty and underserved neighborhoods are inextricably linked together, and so are the solutions.
A neighborhood with food insecurity, low performing schools, high levels of crime and violence, sub-standard housing, high unemployment, health disparities, and low economic mobility creates an unhealthy and unsafe environment for its residents. Limited opportunities and risk of displacement obstructs the healthy neurological and physiological development of its children.

Historically, existing assets have been overlooked rather than used as a foundation upon which to build. Because of the enormity and complexity of the issues, challenges have been addressed in silos, focused on one issue, attempting to solve one problem at a time. Education, employment, food security and safety all rise or fall together. They must be addressed simultaneously and from every angle.

The task is simply too immense for any one entity to tackle alone.

A more successful and sustainable solution is to create the strength and power of an ARMY; a collaborative alliance among residents, schools, faith-based organizations, existing non-profit organizations, committed key individuals, businesses, and government … All working together simultaneously and holistically, with a united vision to tackle the core issues from all sides in support of and guided by neighborhood citizens. 



Bridge North Charleston

4024 Salt Pointe Parkway
North Charleston, SC. 29405
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For Hub Village & AccabEe Neighborhoods

Bridge North Charleston is a 501(C)(3)
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Neighborhood revitalization MUST begin with its current citizens…

building on existing assets, guided by their priorities, and maintaining cultural sensitivity, dignity, and respect.   Housing opportunities must remain accessible to current residents.